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The Festive Season Approaches...

After such a busy summer, I've been having a bit of down time. Lots of family visitors, then catching up with all the things that were put to one side have meant that, suddenly, it's winter and the festive season is just around the corner. It has also been a time for thinking about how this past year has gone, in particular the opportunity to meet so many artists and see the work in real life has been fantastic. It has also been fabulous to add new artists to the directory - it has more than doubled in size! - but also great to have so many people who have supported the idea from the start. Hopefully 2023 will be just as much fun.

One of my friends recently asked what was doing to celebrate the season, then suggested inviting artists to create an image that they would use for their festive messages to send to friends, family and business contacts. Artists can then send the images to, and we will show them on Instagram and on the website. Sounded like a fun thing to do, so if you have a festive image that you would like to share, please send it to , and I'll publish during December.

I can't decide between these 2 for my own cards:

The lemons painting is an old one, but definitely feels wintery, and the hibiscus is as yet unfinished, but red is a good festive colour ...have to see how it turns out.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas, as always, all artists are welcome to send in their work.



Sharon MacLaren


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