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And the winner is.....

What a day we had at Can Prunera on Saturday!

After a week of forecasts for storms, we had to take the decision to move the final from the garden to the top floor gallery - fortunately, there was no need to cancel.

The display panels arrived at 7.45, and they were set up just in time for the artists to arrive and present their works. Everything was going to plan, and then Marti from Can Prunera came to give me the news that IB3 had arrived and wanted to film the final. We had no idea they were coming, so everyone was very excited, if a little nervous.

The judges Natalia Spitale, Miguel Angel Delgado and PetraEveline Dahmen, arrived at 11am to see the works 'live' for the first time. As expected, all of the works looked better than they had in the photos, so their job had not been made any easier!

Once they had made their decision, they were sworn to secrecy until the announcement at 1pm. I didn't know who the winner was until then.

The exhibition opened at 12.00, and I had been slightly concerned that we wouldn't get as many visitors travelling to the 3rd floor - I needn't have worried, as around 150 people came to see the final.

So, who was the winner? Miguel Angel Bernat Busquets for his fabulous painting 'Tramuntana'.

Congratulations to Miguel and all of the finalists. The standard of the entries was extremely high, so getting to the final is something to be proud of. Miguel has his studio on Calle Lluna, Soller, so if you get a chance, go along and visit him. He sold 'Tramuntana' on Saturday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who came along to see the final on Saturday, hopefully everyone had a good time. If you missed it, the footage from IB3 is on the homepage at



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