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Commissioning an artist to create a work either for yourself or as a gift is a lovely way to get something original and bespoke.

If you have seen work by an artist that you admire on the site, then you can use their contact details to arrange with them directly, or Artists of Mallorca can manage the process for you.

Not all artists take commissions, and it is worth bearing in mind that the artists style will still come through, so it is important to pick an artist who works in a way that you like.


Have an idea of what type of work you are looking for, then look through the images to find something that reflects that - the Gallery page is a good place to start, as all works are on there, and it is easy to see more work by a particular artist by clicking on the image.

Contact the artist to discuss whether they would take a commission, or contact Artists of Mallorca to do this for you for a percentage of the total cost.

At this stage, the artist will want to know a general specification - expected timings, sizes, type of work - to be able to give an outline of price.  Expect bespoke work to be more expensive than similar work available from the artist.

It is a good idea to try to meet the artist in person, and to agree timelines and responsibilities.

Once you have agreed on the scope of the work and the price, it is time to get going!


In order to get started, the artist will require a non-returnable deposit.  If Artists of Mallorca are managing the commission, this will be 50% of the agreed price.

A finalised plan of the work should be agreed in writing, so both parties are clear and there are no misunderstandings.  For example:

What are you expecting to see in the final work?

Do you want to see the work in stages?  Is the artist happy to do this?

How will the work be mounted? Does it have to fit into particular surroundings?

When the painting is finished, the final payment will be due becomes due.  The artist will want you to be happy with the work, so small changes can still be made at this point.  Please remember that no refunds/reductions can be given on bespoke work.


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