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December - A Mountain of a Month

So much happens in December - so many commitments, parties, buying/making presents, seeing family - and for me, getting past the shortest day always feels like something to celebrate, that having time to just stop and look seems even more of a luxury. I am not a fan of winter, but I do think the Tramuntana are at their most dramatic in winter. At times the clouds can be so low as to obscure some or all of them, or sitting darkly just on top all the way round, but the mountains always win in the end.

I really enjoyed the sea theme last month, and produced a couple of paintings.

Despite the thousands of photos I have of the Tramuntana, there are not many paintings, so this will be more of a challenge.

I hope some of you will send in photos of your Mountain related work that can be published on the site.

Happy December


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