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2nd Annual Art Prize

Final held in Can Prunera Museu Modernista, Soller on 26.8.23

And the winner is.......CLAUDIA KEUPEN

Claudia Keupen wins the Artists of Mallorca art prize

Congratulations, Claudia!  Many thanks to everyone who participated and all those who came along to see the final.  Particular thanks to Can Prunera for hosting the final.

Artists of Mallorca is also grateful to the judges for their exxpertise in the difficult task of choosing the finalists and the winner.

Finalists 2023

Veronica Beltran Prats 

Núria Bosch Mercader

Manuel Cuevas 

Martin de la Foi

Doris Duschelbauer

Marcelina Etchegaray

Gabriel Grau

Patrick Guino

Claudia Keupen

Peggy Jacqueline Lurot

Julie Mai

David Maroto Diaz

Ann Martin

Xesca Martorell

István Martzy

Gregory Mason

Nhung Nguyen Thi Hong

Sara Salinas Jimenez


Katrin Starostenko

Sunna Wathen 

Additionally, from Friday 8 September to Saturday 16 September, we will hold an exhibition of the finalists work in the Museu de Soller.  For more information, click here

2022 Winner...

Winning painting from the first Art Prize, by Mallocan artist Miguel Anfel Bernat

Miguel Angel Bernat Busquets

Thanks to IB3 for filming the final

Thanks also to the judges - Natalia Spitale, Miquel Angel Delgado and PetraEveline Dahmen for undertaking the extremely difficult task of judging the entries.

Sharon MacLaren, founder of, with the winner of the Art Prize and the judges
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