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Miguel Angel Delgado

Miguel Angel Delgado

Born in Palma de Mallorca on March 16, 1985. 

He began drawing and painting classes with the landscape painter Cati Oliver Nicolau, where he learned the use of Impressionist colors and Mallorcan painting techniques.

 He studied fine arts in Barcelona, where he learned other artistic techniques and above all art history, theory and philosophy. 

In 2012 he took an intensive "painting and personal inspiration" course at Saint Martin's school in London, with artist Guy Noble. He has held several exhibitions in Mallorca and Barcelona, and held a show in Croatia in 2010 where he spent 3 months getting to know the art and culture of the country.

His painting is mainly landscape and tries to capture the light and beauty of Mallorca from a more impressionistic perspective, using above all the technique "allaprima" and painting the natural "pleinair".

He also experiments with abstract painting in a more conceptual and personal way. For him, abstract painting is an evolution and a reinterpretation of landscape painting, deforming shapes and colors to the most expressive form of painting.

Actualmente tiene su propio taller y academia de arte en palma, donde enseña a nuevos artistas a mejorar en técnica y creatividad.

Galeria Art Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca - 2019 

Ajuntament d'Andratx - Palma de Mallorca - 2011 

Mari-lin Art Cafe - Palma de Mallorca - 2011 

Mala Galerija - Zagreb, Croatia - 2010 

University of Barcelona - Barcelona - 2008 

Cultural Center Gracia - Barcelona - 2007 

Mixer Gallery - Barcelona - 2005 

Centro Cultural Sa Llotja - Palma de Mallorca - 2002 

Casal Jove Es Rafal - Palma de Mallorca - 2000 

Casal Jove Pla de Na Tesa - Palma de Mallorca - 1999


Instagram: Miguelangelpintura

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