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Summer Exhibition

Hope you are all enjoying this summer, so far without the scorching temperatures. I've been working hard on exhibitions and keeping up with my painting, so life is full speed ahead at the moment!

Next week we will be hanging the Summer Exhibition in the Museu de Soller, and I am looking forward to meeting the artists and seeing their work.

Those taking part are:

L-R Top Alberto Diego, Marta Obojska, Miguel Angel Delgado

L-R Bottom Petra Maruschek, Siedse Jan Jansen, Sharon MacLaren

Rudi (my dog) is not actually participating, but he will be there!

Inauguration is Thursday 11 July at 20.00 in the Museu de Soller, Calle de sa Mar 13, and it would be lovely to see you all there. I appreciate that there have been lots of stories about how difficult it is to get to Soller and to park, but after the day trippers have gone, it is much more normal, sometimes even quite quiet (whisper it!)

Opening hours are Monday and Tuesday 10.00 - 14.00

Wednesday to Friday 10.00 - 14.00 and 18.00 - 20.00

Saturday 11.00 - 13.00

The exhibition is on until the 27 of July, when we change over to the Finalists Exhibition for the Art Prize.

Tunel de l'Art 2024

The annual exhibition in the Túnel in Port de Soller took place last weekend, 28 - 30 June, and was once again a big success. The launch night in particular was fabulous, particularly when the Xeremiers de Soller turned up unexpectedly and played a few tunes to support us.

As always, it's fantastic to see so many people out to enjoy an evening of art and get to meet the artists. The atmosphere is happy and relaxed, and I want to thank all of the artists who participated, particularly those who could spend some time on Saturday and Sunday, for making that possible.

Art Prize 2024

July 17 is getting very close, so do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in the Art Prize this year! Please read the terms before uploading your work.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part.

Escola Global

This school got in touch to say they are looking for an Art Teacher. If you are interested, the details are here Work in Escola Global | Location Escola Global Parc Bit (

A busy few weeks ahead, then a chance to relax, but hope to see lots of you before that!



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