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It's almost May, and this year is disappearing. The weather here in Mallorca has not been treating us quite as kindly as it normally would have, but as we go into May, the sun has remembered where it's home is. The year started with organising the Arts Society Mallorca Exhibition at Son Muntaner Golf, which was a great success with many visitors enjoying the variety of work on show. The enjoyment of these shows for me is as much in meeting fellow artists as it is in seeing the art, and makes all the hard work of putting a show together worthwhile.

The Port de Soller has a number of old fisherman's tunnels being used for various things, and the opportunity arose for Artists of Mallorca to use one as an exhibition space in June. It is very much a blank canvas, definitely not a conventional space to hold an exhibition, so currently working out how to make the most of the space. The exhibition runs from 24th to 27th June 2022, with 12 artists from the website, so if you can, please drop by and say hello. Check the website for opening times

The tunnel being used in 2021 for a children's art exhibition

It's nice to hear that artists are being approached through the site to create work, or to sell work already on there, so please keep your work up to date. I'm currently working on ways that artists can upload their own work directly to the site, so I'll keep you posted on that.

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