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Happy 2024!

Updated: Jan 12

I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year!

New Year is always a time for reflection for me, and there was certainly lots to look back on for Artists of Mallorca. 6 exhibitions in 4 months, including the second edition of the Artists of Mallorca Art Prize kept me busy, it was fantastic to work with so many of the wonderful artists on the site, and it was lovely for me to exhibit alongside and to have my first solo exhibition here on the island.

2023 was the start of a collaboration with the Museu de Soller, introducing the gallery to a wider group of artists, some of whom have now booked their own exhibitions for 2024.

I'll be hosting at least 2 group exhibitions there this year, and am looking forward to meeting more artists in person and seeing the latest work. When Seis de Soller exhibition ended at the end of October, it seemed like a long time until March, suddenly it's only a few weeks away, and organising has begun.

Thank you to the artists who have taken the time to send their latest works to keep the website up to date, also for highlighting text that needs changed, it really is appreciated.

This painting is called Amigos, Pareintes y otros especies and is by MC Sanz, which she sent to update her listing MC Sanz (



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