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1st Annual Art Prize

Creating an Art Prize is a new and exciting experience here at, and we are learning a lot. Making sure artists could easily upload their entries was the first challenge, no hitches so far. Trying to cover all bases on the category section was straightforward - put on there what we could think of, and add anything later that artists said was missing. Up until now, only 'digital' has had to be added, hopefully no-one has decided not to enter because of a lack of category. One of the main aims of the competition is to be as inclusive as possible, therefore let us know your suggestions either for this year, or the future.

The location for the final is the fabulous Can Prunera in Soller, and we are very grateful to Antonia Maria Miro and her team for the support. The doors of the museum will be open from 12.00 till 14.00 for the final, and there will be no entry charge at that time, so visitors can see the final and the rest of the house. The winner announcement will be at around 13.00, so make sure you are there early to see if you agree with the judges!

Talking of judges, there are 4 - Natalia Spitale, Miguel Angel Delgado, PetraEveline Dahmen and Helle Alexanderson. I am very glad not to be judging, as I do not envy the task. Look out on Instagram and for more information on each over the coming weeks.

There are only 2 weeks left to get your entry in, closing date is 13.8.22

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