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Sunna Wathen

Sunna Wathen

I am half English and half Icelandic, born in Greece. I came to live here in Deia, Mallorca, when I was two years old in 1966, after my parents had first lived in a boat house loaned to them by the poet Robert Graves. My father then built a little house and that was that and it still is 53 years later! Deia was always our base but we were an artistic travelling family and I went to school between Iceland, Ireland, Spain, UK and Greece, and early stints in Kenya, Nigeria and extensive travels through India, Nepal and Indonesia as a child. I have a Masters degree in sculpture from The Royal College of Art in London (1991) and also attended Kingston Polytechnic Art Foundation and The Byam Shaw school of Art in London. I have lived and worked all these years in and out of Deia, and in London, with a favourite three years in Berlin in between. I have two children, one of whom was born on my houseboat on the Thames by Tower Bridge in London. I married a Mallorquin man a year ago and this is my island. I am currently setting up my Painting Art Classes in Deia for the summer and beyond!

Instagram: Sunna Wathen

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