Marcelina Etchegaray

Marcelina Etchegaray

Born in Buenos Aires in 1976, Marcelina Etchegaray now lives in Biniaraix, Mallorca. Her work merges the fury of fauvism with the innocence of the naive. The detail of her tiny brushes deftly fill the canvas with magic.

"A particular favourite is Binairaix resident Marcelina Etchegaray who uses vibrant colours and exquisite detail to bring the Tramuntana to life in the most amazing canvasses"


"Only she can write green skies and we all believe what she is painting"

Maximiliano Abbiati  

"A brave, free and independent woman. She lives with passion giving colour to life. Without rules, natural as life itself" 

Shadha Agliata

Contact: Marcelina Etchegaray

Instagram: @marcelinaetchegaray


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