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Manuel Cuevas

Manuel Cuevas



I am delighted to take you on a journey around the incredible landscapes of Mallorca.

My name is Manuel. I am a Spanish painter living on the island in a quiet village, contemplating the panorama of the Tramuntana mountains.

Forever fascinated by the views, I travel the island with my brushes, trying to immortalize the spirit of the place.

Sometimes I would find it submerged under vibrant sun light and other times having its shores crushed by powerful wind and rain.

The essence of my painting is to feel the life of the place while bathing in its energy.

To achieve this, I always begin my painting at the location. It helps me gather and absorb that special light (that mix of humidity of the air and sun) and the real palette of colours.

After the first layer of oil on canvas, I take the composition to my studio, where I continue the process by applying the paint layer by layer until I give life to each of my creations.

It might take a long time, but the process is incredibly satisfying.

I hope you will enjoy the depth of my atmospheric landscapes as much as I enjoy each brush stroke of it

Contact: Manuel Cuevas 

Instagram: @manuelcuevasart

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