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Claudia Roennberg

Claudia Roennberg

Claudia was born in Kassel, Germany. Her wide education includes Joh.-Gutenberg-University, Mainz Germany, Richmond College, Richmond, UK; Additional skills have been self taught or learned, assisted by artists in their studios. My influence in art derives from constructivism which has its origin in Russia starting at about the Russian Revolution 1917. The art was to serve the masses and influence all aspects of life e.g. architecture, fashion, design. Art was to be constructed with rulers compasses away from the traditional academic approach of an educated minority. It’s was a revolutionary approach. Some protagonists have been, Malevich, El Lisitzky, Popova, Rodchenko to name a few. I don’t copy them I simply take the essentials to make my artwork approachable in a way that I’m not interested in an interpretation nor do I want to deliver a message. I don’t want it to be difficult to understand.

You get what you see.

My absolute favourite form is the circle as it represents the perfect shape and  I can play with it in many ways that’s why it is omnipresent in my artwork



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