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Kaya Jay

Sharon MacLaren and Rudi

Kaya Jay is a self-taught painter and artist. With more than a decade long career as a media director she is a storyteller first. She was born in Antwerp, Belgium, but currently lives in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where she is further developing her voice in the figurative surrealistic style. Inspired by Belgium’s ‘magic realism’ and Spain’s colourful expressionism, as well as the current state of affairs, she intuitively creates original acrylic, oil and collage paintings.


Oil on canvas

70 x 100 cm

Oil paint is a perfect medium for a jellyfish. When I heard the name 'agua viva' for this creature - mainly used in South America - it gave many new layers to its meaning. Water is life, and living water alludes to the wondrous universe we are a part of.



Oil on canvas

70 x 100cm

This work embodies the way I work with paint, which is like sculpting. With only intuition as my guide, I sculpt colours and shapes until it reaches the harmony I am looking for. My work became much more colourful since I live in Mallorca.

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