Rookie Error

Having never created a website before, I was very enthusiastically creating new pages, and trying to put everything I could think of on it. Only when I received a message saying I'd already used up more than half of the pages did I realise that I had gone about it the wrong way! The result is that I have basically had to start again. Fortunately, I hadn't populated the site with many artists yet, so only have about 150 images to rework, but it means that I am once more learning from the ground up, and finding new challenges to achieve the results that I want, and to get the site looking it's best. This means that if you look at the site, it looks like nothing has happened for a while, as all the newness is in the background. I'm getting to grips with it now, and hopefully, over the next couple of weeks I will be back on track.

In the meantime, please continue letting people know about the site, sending new works and tagging artistsofmallorca on social media. Thanks for your support!

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