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All about the Sea

November is 'All about the Sea' on the website. Many of the artists on the site have paintings of the sea, and having been away for much of this summer in the UK, and not close to the sea, I have now realised how much energy and inspiration it gives, with ever changing colours, moods and skies, and clearly not only to me. There must be thousands of photos of the mediterranean in my 'inspiration' file, but I found it difficult to get excited about the flat landscape around me.

We were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in August on the coast in Northumberland on the north east coast of England, and what a revelation that was! It is a very beautiful part of the world (with area of outstanding natural beauty status), and fortunately we had good weather so were able to enjoy spending time on the beach with our dog, Rudi, every day that we were there. I went from having to make myself paint to having lists of ideas and views, and regretting not bringing my paints with me.

Since coming home I have been enjoying painting with a renewed vigour, even finishing a large sunset painting I had been fighting with for over a year!

If you haven't already shared your sea paintings, then please do. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the varied works on Instagram this month.

December is focussing on mountains, as I missed looking at the Tramuntana every day. I keep saying that I am going to photograph them every day for a year, but have never quite got round to it - maybe 2022!

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