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Rikki Tollenaere

Rikki Tollenaere

You Tube : Canal 4 – Programa de artistas

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Artist Statement

I am an artist of the sea

Capturing her forms, colours, and moods on canvas.

Whether realistic or abstract, drawn from my imagination or a photo, I hope that the viewer of my work can immerse themselves in the vastness, the mysterious, the calmness and yet great energy that water is.

Oil paint is my favourite medium, that I build up in many layers to create depth and richness.  But when I create more abstract seascapes, I enjoy combining oils and acrylics, and using not only brushes, but pallet knifes, pieces of wood, syringes... anything can work…

And I love the unexpected effect of using different mediums, as if the painting paints itself and comes to life.

I do not only draw my inspiration from the sea, but all the beauty that is around us in nature and try to combine this in my work.

When I started painting on canvas in 2004 my paintings were more abstract, using collage with fabrics, stones, gold and silver leaf. 

As my skills improved I challenged myself to paint more and more realistic, not only the water but also the sky, often using a picture as reference. Which led to my ongoing project #Making100waves. A body of 100 works depicting waves in all their different forms and colours.

Alongside I have a collection of paintings painted from my imagination,  leaving room for interpretation and a connection with nature; Be able to dream of a far away place, and feel tranquillity, happiness and peace.

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