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Melisa Vlaun Miteva

Melisa Vlaun Miteva

Melisa Vlaun is a Saint Martin born and Palma based creative, specialising in abstract portrait and surrealist art. With a passion ignited in early childhood, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Attendance at workshops led by esteemed Caribbean artist, Ruby Bute, further fuelled her fascination with portraiture, always drawn to the untold stories and enigmatic essence  within a face.

While almost entirely self-taught, each new creation becomes an opportunity for learning, a lesson in itself. Melisa’s preferred medium is acrylic, appreciating its quick-drying properties and the versatility it offers. She delights in incorporating a range of techniques, textures, and styles, seamlessly blending abstract and realistic elements within a single piece. No subject is off-limits; however, her true passion lies in painting abstract portraits, whimsical situations and embracing the challenge of commissioned works, especially of pet portraits.

Words often fail to capture Melisa’s deeply abstract thoughts, leading her to express her unique and whimsical perspective on life through her art. Bold and vibrant colors, alongside powerful contrasts and thoughtful compositions, serve as conduits for capturing the lively spirit and dynamic atmosphere of her Caribbean upbringing. Above all, her ultimate goal is to immerse the viewer within the narrative of her creations, inviting them to become active participants in the story being told

Exhibited at:

-Porto Cupecoy, Sint Maarten, “Glass Houses” 2011

-One For All, All For Art 2, Country representative, September 2020

Featured in

-Teen Times, Sint Maarten, October 1996

-The Daily Herald, Sint Maarten August 16, 2012

-The Islander Magazine, Mallorca, May 2022

Instagram: MelisaVlaun

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