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Melisa Vlaun Miteva

Melisa Vlaun Miteva

I am a Saint Martin born, Palma based, abstract portrait and surrealist artist, who started my creative journey in early childhood. I attended some workshops by fellow Caribbean artist, Ruby Bute, where I was drawn to portraiture. I am still intrigued by the untold stories and wonder behind a face. I am otherwise self taught, where each new piece is a new lesson, experiment and exploration.

I primarily work with acrylic; I am fond of the fast drying times and the versatility it allows. I enjoy incorporating various techniques, textures and styles, such as abstract and realism, in the same piece. No subject is off limits, but I prefer painting abstract portraits and being challenged by commissioned work.

I often find it difficult to express my very abstract thoughts in words in a way that I am truly understood, so I try to convey my somewhat comical and whimsical view on life through my artwork. I use bold vivid colours, strong contrast and composition to capture the vibrant spirit and movement of my Caribbean upbringing. My ultimate aim is to involve the viewer in the story of my work.

Exhibited at:

-Porto Cupecoy, Sint Maarten, “Glass Houses” 2011

-One For All, All For Art 2, Country representative, September 2020

Featured in

-Teen Times, Sint Maarten, October 1996

-The Daily Herald, Sint Maarten August 16, 2012

-The Islander Magazine, Mallorca, May 2022

Instagram: MelisaVlaun

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