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Seis de Soller Exhibition

What a busy year! 2022 saw the first ever exhibition; this year, we have already had 5 and one more to go!

From 11 - 28 October, Artists of Mallorca is hosting 'Seis de Soller' in the Museu de Soller. The gallery is such a perfect spot for art, lots of light and with the added benefit of the lovely patio for inaugurations, or just to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunset in Sa Foradada Mallorca, oil on canvas by Sharon MacLaren
Seis de Soller Exhibition poster

6 artists from Soller will be showing together for the first time - Joan Damia Alberti, Leo O'Donnell, Tomeu Reynes, Ricardo Sacco, Natalia Spitale, and me - 4 painters, a print maker and a sculptor. Each has a very different style, so it will be an interesting exhibition. If you get a chance, do come along. The gallery is open Monday to Friday 10.00 - 14.00, Saturday 11.00 - 13.00.

The inauguration is on Wednesday, 11 October at 19.00, everyone is welcome and there is no entry charge. All of the artists will be there, so come along and say hello.

This will be the last exhibition of 2023, then time to concentrate on painting! is now home to almost 250 artists, which is amazing, and there is always room for more. Artists can now upload their work directly onto the site, so if any of your artist friends want to be part of it, let them know

Hope to see you at the Museu!



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