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Lesley Woodward

Lesley Woodward

Since graduating in 1982 from the Metropolitan University of Manchester, with a BA Hons degree in Embroidery/Textiles, Lesley has worked extensively with textiles, collaborating with fashion and interior designers throughout Europe while also working on her own individual projects. Also teaching part time at The London College of Fashion. 

As Lesley herself says, her work has, over time, become less overtly commercial, but has moved instead towards a more personal and profound but no less accessible vision, evident throughout her portfolio. 

Although her body of work displays a healthy thematic diversity, her pieces are unified by a singular desire: to make a statement. The messages are there in every example of her artwork, elusive, hidden beneath the textured layers, painstakingly pieced together. Her inspiration stems from the art of the ancients, a culture defined by the rich language of symbolism developed in order to communicate ideas. The creative community of that time felt a connection with the energy of the earth and resolved to express this connection through art an endeavour mirrored all these generations later in Lesley's own artistic creations.


Instagram: @lesleywoodward_2


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