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Xisco Fuster

Xisco Fuster

I have worked outside the studio. I started in 1989 with wedding, photography for books, press, teaching photography for companies... Most of my experience belongs to architectural photography, photographing luxury homes in Mallorca, photography workshops and lecturing in universities. 

Over the years, in the most romantic moments of my life, I was building appreciated works of art. And let there in a bunker that is not reopened. Until now, the painter Jesus Canovas and Bering Comparini noted the enormous potential of some of my pictures and encouraged me to show them to the world. And now, after a dozen exhibitions in art galleries, lecturing at universities, courses and workshops, publishing press and advertising in international magazines, I have acquired a level to which I am grateful to begin with.

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2020, April. MA Contemporary Art Gallery. Collective exhibition "CON-FIN-ARTE". Palma. Spain.

2019, March. First prize Port Adriano Photography Contest 2019.

2018-2019, December to February. MA Contemporary Art Gallery. Collective exhibition "A book, two lives". Palma. Spain.

2017, from November to March 2018. Exhibition of artistic photographs in Redwall Photogallery Gallery, in calle Goya, 6. Madrid. Special monograph of the photographer Xisco Fuster in calle Goya, Madrid.

2018, April. Individual exhibition of bullfighting art. Feria de Manizales. Colombia.

2017, July. Exhibition of photographs of Mallorca in the Sala Capitular (Chapter Hall) of the Cartoixa de Valldemossa.

2017, February-April. "Mare Nostrum" collective exhibition. MA Contemporary Art Gallery. Palma. Spain. April 2017

2016, October. Nit de l’art Palma. Gibson Bar Individual Exhibition.

2016, July. Individual exhibition of bullfighting art organized by the Embassy of Spain. Bogota, Colombia.

2016, May, extended to June. "Bogota, gran urbe." Casa de España in Bogotá, Colombia.

2016, April. Individual exhibition "Bogotá, gran urbe. Cultural Center of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia. Bogota

2016, March. Commemorative exhibition of Spanish architect expatriate in Colombia Juan Antonio Menéndez. Photos of Xisco Fuster. Cultural Center of the Spanish Embassy.

Xisco Fuster with the representative of Culture of the Embassy of Spain, Julieta Mrocek and Julio Pérez, the current (2019) rector of the Reyes Catolicos College, of Bogotá.

2015, April. Exhibition at the Workshop School of the Ministerio de Cultura of Colombia, 8th Street, next to the Congress. From May 2015 to April 2016.

2015, August, extended to September. Individual exhibition "1 + 1 = 0 Living the street". Teatro Eliecer Gaitán. Cinemateca Distrital. Bogota, Colombia.

1989, June. Collective exhibition of novel photography. Casal Solleric de Palma. Spain.

1985 Marathon Photography Prize of Alcudia City Council, Mallorca.

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