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Tomeu Colom

Tomeu Colom

Born in 1974 in France (Nancy), like many sollerics, and, with an academic background in the scientific field, he seeks in painting and cabinetmaking the artistic expression of the perceptions, shapes, textures and colors that he encounters daily.

After several years experimenting with collage, where three-dimensional forms are superimposed with colour and lines, he made the decision to approach artistic creation in a different way, separating it into two projects:

On the one hand, cabinetmaking, in a kind of sculpture such as furniture, a more closed and highly structured creative system, anchored to the possibilities and skills of the artist and limited by the characteristics of the material, and which, however, has the power to transform into an animated object, which molds and transforms the everyday space (tables, chairs, etc…) and that the artist makes entirely by hand, in direct contact with the raw material, from the wood of the tree to the piece of furniture.

On the other hand, there is painting, which allows a free interpretation of the form and the chromatic range, the deviation of the perspective, the framing and the disposition of the elements in a particular approach, finally causing a special effect in the observer. Here, the intentionality is scarce, and the system is open to the complete creativity of the artist, depending on the intuition and the look of the moment, listening and letting the result flow.

He regularly paints at Natalia Spitale's fine arts workshop in Sóller.

He has completed his basic training in cabinetmaking in 2020 in the workshop of Germán Peraire, in Barcelona.

In painting, he is inspired by artists such as Cuno Amiet, Cézanne, the cubist movement, and in cabinetmaking by James Krenov, George Nakashima, or Joshua Klein, as well as traditional Japanese carpentry and antique furniture.

You can follow and contact him through instagram at @colompinta and @esmorernegre

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