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Bea Schubert

Bea Schubert

Bea Schubert, born in 1959, is not just an artist who has travelled the world, but one who has truly internalized its essence. Her artistic journey began at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig, Germany, where she studied under Professor Hermann Albert and honed her painting skills.

However, the pivotal moment in her career came post-graduation when she chose to diverge from the traditional path and embarked on a seven-year backpacking adventure around the globe. This expedition was more than just a thrill; it was a pursuit of light and colour in a world often shrouded in darkness, a search for happiness and vibrancy amidst global turmoil. This profound experience moulded her artistic perspective and eventually led her back to her true passion: painting.

It was here that she discovered her unique style and coined the term "AbstractPop," a perfect representation of her art. Bea blends vivid neon hues with everyday objects to craft pieces that radiate the sheer joy of life. Her fondness for large canvases enables her to create a visual impact that mesmerizes onlookers. The central theme of her work revolves around childhood.

With studios in the island of Mallorca, Bea Schubert has garnered international acclaim. Her pieces are showcased in galleries and esteemed art exhibitions worldwide. The accolades she has received from prestigious institutions like the German Embassy in Athens and the Chagall Museum in Vitebsk, Belarus, are truly remarkable. Moreover, her creations have found homes in significant international collections.


Carrer Nou  12

07316 Moscari

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2022 May The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art, Virtual Edition

2022 April The Affordable Art Fair London (NoonPowell FineArt Gallery London)

2022 March The Affordable Art Fair Battersea (NoonPowell FineArt Gallery London)

2021 1st Price Winner of “Beyond Art” by The Holy Art Gallery London

2021 Nov The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art, Virtual Editions 2021 April “Love & Other Stories” online group show, Z contemporary Gallery, Hamburg/Germany 2021 April-May The Affordable Online Art Fair (NoonPowell FineArt Gallery London) 2021 June The Affordable Art Fair Battersea (NoonPowell FineArt Gallery London)

2020 Sept LDX Artweek and Gallery Weekend Berlin (LDX Artodrome Gallery/Berlin)  2020 One of the best selling painters of Saatchi Art
2020 July-Aug “Anduma: Building Bridges” group exhibition Gallery44 / Canada (planned in Castello de Montferrrato, Casale Montferrato/Italy 2020 Feb. Art Fair Arte Genova, Genua/Italy (Context Artgallery Treviso/Italy)

2019 Nov Artfair SIAF Shenzhen/China (LDX Artodrome Gallery Berlin/Malta/Hongkong)
2019 May-June solo exhibition Petrihaus Hofgeismar/Germany
2019 Apr Artexpo New York Spring (Artproductions New York City)
2019 March Artfair HanseArt, Lübeck/Germany
2019 Featured artist in Saatchi Art Spring and Autumn Catalog

2018 Sept-Oct Historical Museum, Ljosna/Belarus 2018 July-Aug Chagall Museum Vitebsk/Belarus
2018 July Kunsttage Thedinghausen/Germany group exhibition
2018 June IV International Chagall Plenair – Selected artist in Vitebsk, Belarus. 10 days of Plenair painting and exhibition in the Chagall Museum, Vitebsk
2018 May-June "Taste of the world" group exhibition
Back to the Picture Gallery, 934 Valencia St. San Francisco, California/USAWARDS


Z Contemporary Gallery, Hamburg

Smart-Collectors, Wiesbaden

Noon Powell Fine Arts, London/ Notting Hill

ARTIQ Art Consultancy, London

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