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Anne Schouler

Anne Schouler

I am an interior designer by profession but ever since I was a child, I always kept drawing and painting.

As in the song, I travelled the world and the seven seas, but still always carried on painting and drawing!

I am still very enthusiastic about using traditional canvas but still experimenting different painting techniques whether it is acrylic, pastel oil mixed or collages ...

As an artist, I find it difficult to explain my work, but I would say that I have a need to create lines and colours during a long process of a never-ending layers, still with the desire to reach a balance within the final painting. Sometimes the result comes as unlikely architectural settings mixed with different artistic styles, objects and times.

Painting landscapes is also an enjoyable excuse to make the colours glow, blur lines and slide towards abstraction.

After many years living in Asia, I had the chance to move to Palma de Mallorca where I started large scaled bespoke murals paintings. These murals once finished will transform and magnify spaces, spaces which initially bore little interest.

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