Angela Kaeufer

Angela Kaeufer

About AK ART Angela Käufer is an artist with a German passport and a Spanish heart, resident in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Like many people of her generation, she took a more classic path and listened to her parents' words to learn something down-to-earth".

All her life Angela has been fascinated and in love with art and design. Finally resulting in Angela starting to as well.

With the move to Spain, Angela started a new life. Her passion for art and design became her main professio

As the Sales Director for the Top two contemporary Art Galleries in Mallorca she gained lots of experience in professional art world.

Angela has a strong network in the art world and is in direct contact with young emerging as well as iconic al of modern art and design.

What does it mean to be an artist? An artist has the opportunity and the great fortune to trigger emotions at other people with their art works.

There are numerous well-known artists of different genres who are self-taught. Vincent van Gogh, Francis Ba Jean Michelle Basquiat, Antoni Tàpies, Frida Kahlo, to name just a few.

For Angela, art is supported by four pillars: Creativity, passion, freedom and above all emotions.

Techniques, materials or dimensions are of secondary importance.

Why small art pieces? Art should be accessible to everyone. Art should be available for everybody!

For this reason Angela focus her work on small formats.

Each of her works represent a part of "Angela" and reflecting her personality.

Pieces in which everyone also discovers a part of themselves.

Art is emotion


phone: (+34) 628 89 07 15. palma de mallorca, spain

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