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Adrian Elgie

Adrian Elgie

I'm a British contemporary landscape artist. But that hasn’t always been the case.

I did go to art college but after a one year foundation course, I studied 2 Dimensional Design for three years, which led to a 28 year career in advertising, where I finished off, as an Executive Creative Director, of Young & Rubicam.

Now I spend my time, between the UK and Mallorca. Two different landscapes but like all landscapes, they are in constant transition due to the weather and the seasons but more subtle things are also at play.

My work aims to capture this unfinished landscape of perpetual change, with loose brush strokes, first marks and last marks, transparent overlays of nature and an uneasy balance of finished and unfinished areas of work.

My work is also driven by the regimented design of the small, juxtaposed with the free flowing of the large, in nature. This is why my work needs to be viewed up close; from the artist’s viewpoint; at first, so you get lost in its abstraction and how I precise nature, before stepping back, to see the bigger picture.

Painting over and outside the lines, both mentally and literally, my work represents the way I look and feel about the world around me.

Website: Adrian Elgie

Instagram: Adrian Elgie

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