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Liv Estrup

Sharon MacLaren and Rudi

Liv Estrup spent her childhood at her multi-media artist mother’s side and a civil engineer father’s drafting table. Always involved in some creative endeavor (music, mime, improvisational theatre, drawing, pastels, painting), she studied photography at Santa Monica College in the 90s, evolving into film projects – Flying Without Wings, The Four-Footed Therapist and What’s Behind the Empty Chair? Liv has studied painting with Julio Panisello (Barcelona/Los Angeles), Pat Hobaugh (Atlanta), and


Acrylic on paper

58 x 88 cm

La casa al lado del calle. (from Natalia Spirale's gallery)



Acrylic on paper

31 x 41 cm

Sa Capelleta - Santa Maria de l'Olivar

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