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Fiona Tamzin Bruce

Sharon MacLaren and Rudi

Fiona started in the magical world of ceramics quite by chance 15 years ago and loves experimenting with different build techniques and finishes. Having been bought up at sea in the Mediterranean and spent time in Africa she is inspired by nature and how fantastic it is. When not "pottering" she works to regenerate the local environment.


ceramic and palm weaving

200 x 60 x 35cm

This piece is inspired by the local love of clay and palm weaving traditions normally seen in bowls and baskets. The tower represents the mixing pot of cultures that is Mallorca all coming together to make one community.



ceramic and wood

180 x 40 x 40cm

This piece is inspired by the sea and the wooden “Llaüts” that used to be more common place back when we trod on our island more gently.

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