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Tunel de L'Arte June 2023

Visitors to the Tunel de l'Art

We had lots of fun doing this show last year.  It was great to meet other artists in person, and to hear all the great feedback from the 400+ people who came along to see the exhibition.

Seeing art work live is always a revelation, somehow photographs never quite capture the full intensity.

The space has it's own challenges, but makes a great relaxed gallery, with lots of space for visitors.

The Artists of Mallorca exhibition will be held from Saturday 24th to Sunday 25 June 2023.

Opening hours of the exhibition will be:    Saturday  24    17.00 - 21.00

                                                                           Sunday    25    16.00 - 20.00    


Calle Xaloc, Port de Soller

Artists Exhibiting

Natalia Alguilar

Tomeu Colom

Manuel Cuevas

PetraEveline Dahmen

Miguel Angel Delgado

Marcelina Etchegaray

Emma Garcia Terrades

Patrick Guino

Sharon MacLaren

Claudia Roennberg

Guillem Salas

Natalia Spitale

Mary-Lynne Stadler

Melisa Vlaun

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