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Leo O' Donnell

Sharon MacLaren and Rudi

I am from Derry, Northern Ireland and studied Design Illustration at the University of Plymouth. This is where I fell in love with the process of relief printmaking. Living in Soller there is no shortage of inspiration and creativity. My process involves me walking with my sketchbook and creating images where ever that may be. I'll later work on the sketches and begin cutting and printing.


Relief print, Caligo inks on Kitikata paper

57.5cm x 27cm

This is the first print I produced on the island. During my first year here I used to cycle back from the Port to Soller after work, and every time there was a full moon rising over the mountains I found awe inspiring. I had to try my very best to capture it!



Relief print, Caligo inks on Kitikata paper

60.5cm x 46cm

I love the olive trees on Mallorca, each is as unique and different as the next. One day while walking in Raixa I sketched these olive trees and began cutting the lino immediately. I had just recently bought a cutting tool that is 0.5 mm so I used this print as an exercise in detail. Doing my best to pick out each individual leaf on the tree and lines on the trunk.

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